Getting Your Look Down To a Science: Personal Branding

Olivia Palermo

This New York fashionista definitely has her look down to a science. Olivia Palermo is one of my favorite style icons amongst Rachel Zoe and is quite exemplary of pure chic and sophistication. Her branding all started from a hit reality series on MTV, The City, where she showcased her sense of syle and later bloomed into a fashion icon. Olivia’s refined image or personal branding has evolved over the years but if you’re in search to achieve such image, here’s how to start…

Eleven Steps to Build Your Brand*

1. Be clear on who you are and what you want
2. Have a vision of where you ultimately want to be
3. Know how you are perceived
4. Understand and stay in front of your target audience and key influencers
5. Determine what makes you different
6. Stand out and stand for something
7. Develop a personal media plan
8. Look your brand
9. Maintain the surroundings and associations that will strengthen your brand
10. Communicate your brand in all that you say and do
11. Leave your mark on everything…

Most importantly contact V. Luxe Image for a consultation for more tips on how to get your ‘look’ down to a science!

Source via Reach Communications


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