Lengthen Your Stride

Michael Kors

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes only to end up wearing them once because of the pain you experience walking in them? Sometimes it just takes a couple easy steps of prepping yourself, adding some comfort and ending the night with a foot massage the eliminate the pain. Here are 5 easy steps to help lengthen the time you can stride in you favorite heels!

1. Prep Your Ankles– It’s important to keep your ankles strong in order to walk around in those fab heels. Make it a routine to practice ankle exercises.( Ex. Point your feet out in front of you and spell out the ABC’s using your ankles). This will help strengthen your ankles.

2. Get the Right Fit– Walking in heels can already be a challenge don’t add to it by having on a heel that is too small your too big. Make sure you buy a pair of heels that are your size.

3. Get Familiar– Before wearing your heels out for a night out on the town take the time the day before to walk around in them for 15-20 minutes on a hard surface floor not carpet. This will help you to feel the fit of the shoe and stretch it out a bit. So there will be no surprises later on.

4. Add Cushion– With your foot in a slanted position for a long period of time it can cause extra pressure to the ball of your foot. Use shoe pads to add cushion and comfort as you stand and look pretty.

5. Pamper Your Feet– After holding your body up while balancing in heels it is no surprise your feet feel sore. They worked hard! Take the time out to massage the balls and arch of your foot. This won’t only ease the pain but help strengthen your muscles and increase your balance.


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