Essentials For The Modern Man: Casual Wear

Men Essentials

A solid wardrobe always starts with good essentials pieces that can be worn day to day. Men’s essentials involve practical pieces in which a man can go from business to casual just with a simple switch of a shirt, add of a sport coat or change of accessories. Women are not the only one who can bring versatility to their wardrobe.

Some essentials pieces men should have in their closets are:

• Sports Coat- One of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit is by throwing on a blazer, and buying a great one doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank.

• Cashmere V-neck Sweater- This versatile sweater can be worn dressed up with a button-up and tie or even dressed down with dark-washed jeans and simple canvas sneakers.

• White Button-up Shirt- It’s versatility makes it the perfect shirt for any occasion whether in a board meeting or going out on the town, a white crisp button-up compliments any event

• Polo Shirt-Take the casual weekend outfit of jeans and a t-shirt and bring a classy touch with a polo shirt

• Khaki Pants- Not only can khaki pants be paired with multiple colors but a perfect fit can be found at any price range

• Skinny Dark-Wash Jeans- Brings a tailored look to a casual outfit and a pair with a blazer, dark wash jeans can uplift any outfit

• Black leather Hard-Bottoms- A versatile footwear option because it pairs nicely with every color of clothing

With the addition of great accessories like a timepiece watch, belt or solid color tie any simple outfit can come to together with a nice touch!


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