Spruce Up Your Space

Modern pillow

Have you ever wanted to refresh your home or a specific room but don’t know where to start, or better yet your wallet won’t let you? There are so many ways that small subtle changes can make a big difference! Here are a few ways you can do so by spending little to no money at all!

∼ Change your curtains, or better yet, put some up! Your windows are attention grabbers and this small yet important detail can transform a space instantly

∼ Re-arrange your furniture. By simply moving around your large   sofa or positioning your desk or bed in a different area can open up your space and draw the eye to other great areas of the room

∼ Add a splash of color! Do you have an old table or chair that could use a lift? Get some fresh or faux flowers and put them in a vase, VOILA! Or go to your local home store and pick up a few ornate pillows, this is a way to add depth and color to your domain and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

These are all chic ways to accent any space, but don’t stop there! There are many other ways to add some spirit to a lifeless area. Let us know some other ways you have spruced up your space!


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