Rachel Zoe, Modern Day Fashion & Business Icon


If there is a women that exemplifies the term “busy,” it is certainly Rachel Zoe. After starting in the business two decades ago, not only is she now known as one of the most influential celebrity fashion stylist, she is also a trendsetting designer, editor, and entrepreneur. Her clientele does not cease to expand, and there are valid reasons for their trust. She has established a successful clothing and jewelry line for QVC, a popular reality documentary “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Bravo, and her own daily newsletter “The Zoe Report.” In addition to her already remarkable portfolio, Rachel recently partnered with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, to launch The LinkedIn Discussion Series, a program that enables LinkedIn members to interact with business professionals about current topics. Specifically, their discussion will bring up women’s experiences in today’s business world, and the event will benefit Step Up, a non-profit that gives underprivileged girls the chance to attend college and enter the working world. Rachel Zoe says she is honored by this opportunity to share her experiences as a modern and innovative female professional. Don’t forget to check out her new Spring/Summer 2014 clothing line, featuring more urban and contemporary items…some of those undoubtedly becoming fashion staples. What is next on her to-do list? To welcome her second child…with style of course. Make sure to sign up for her daily dose of glamour on The Zoe Report!

Rachel_Zoe-19-full 20131108-110744.jpg


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