When In Doubt…Wear That LBD {Little Black Dress}


via Revel In It Mag

I cannot stress enough about the importance of having that one LBD or as a matter of fact, a few LBDs hanging in your closet. For women, it should be a staple. If you’re not that inclined to bare much, no worries your LBD can even be knee length so long as it’s chic and well fitted but less is more in this matter!  Well, there were many fashionable happenings this month and there will be even more events for the upcoming holidays, which has led others and myself to that daunting question, “what should I wear?” So of course, I resorted to the one and only remedy…when in doubt, wear an LBD! It has never failed me once! It would be more of a fashion faux pas to not have one tucked away for those times in need. So what’s your take on the LBDs and has it proved to work for you on those fashion doubt days?  We’re going to be elaborating more on this, so make sure to look out for lovely LBDs and accessory pairings on the V. Luxe Image Consulting Blog. 


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