Plan Your Holidays With LUXE & Giving!


Have you heard? LUXE Concepts Social Hour was a success! We mingled and socialized with some great professionals from near and far. Not only did the artwork create great talking points, it created a sense of familiarity among strangers. Art is truly in the eye of the beholder and sitting there and chatting about different pieces allowed everyone to meet someone new and learn a bit about them. We know that our Social Hours will be the perfect segue to new relationships. With the holiday season upon us, especially with Thanksgiving Day on this coming Thursday, we usually look to close friends and family, but what about the new relationships we form every day- even without knowing it.

Some great ways to get to know your community this holiday season- and long there after are abundant. We want to share some of our favorite ways to give back and form new relationships that can be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Volunteer at a shelter, and if you’re an animal lover this is a great time to go give some company to our furry friends out there
  • Spend the day cleaning up debris in and around your neighborhood. This will increase the sense of community with your neighbors and is one of the easiest ways to make a new friend
  • Donate new and gently used household items. We all have that one kitchen item or comforter that we haven’t used so don’t take it for granted; give it to a family who can really use it
  • Pay it forward! Are you a coffee, donut or breakfast sandwich lover? Give the clerk an extra dollar or two for an unexpected someone who might need a lift in the morning

These are just some ways that we at LOOKLIVELUXE feel we can all instill happiness in others and a sense of joy in ourselves. What are some ways you give back- or better yet, who has done something that touched you? We want to hear it all!

*Image via Architect Lover: Innovative Pumpkin Decorating Concepts


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