Eventful, Entertaining & Extravagant!


Galas, banquets, corporate meetings, seminars, tradeshows and the list goes on! There are so many different types of events and with that comes the need for versatility and the knowledge of how to execute them with finesse. Lighting, timing, dining – they all play a part in many events and it is said that all events involve a director and full crew!  Styling and setting the stage for an event that everyone will talk about long after it is over is not something easily done. Some great ideas that we implement as well as listed on The Event Manager Blog are checklists, walk throughs and making sure all bases are covered!

Not only is the event about what happens, but it is about what it looks like when it is happening! The right colors, sounds, scents and temperature are crucial to the event’s success as well. Imagine an ambient lit room with rich fabrics, the right decibel of music playing and the smell of fresh cinnamon at a holiday event! What makes your event stylish and the must attend affair? Some of our tips that we use for our clients will definitely help make your affair eventful, entertaining and extravagant:

  • Create your guest list from your customer database, don’t have one? Not a problem, mining data and creating the right guest list is one of our specialties
  • Always start with a goal in mind- know what you want to accomplish from your event; be it new clients, friends or raising money for a good cause
  • Have your budget and keep in mind things come up! Have a contingency plan in case something falls through or doesn’t quite work out the way you envisioned it. We are very detail oriented when it comes to budgets, and so should you
  • Get your company involved and have fun!

As always, we are here to provide LUXE to lifestyles! Until next time, Ciao!


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