A LUXE Q&A With Andrea Nahle: Fashion Blogger & Photographer


Andrea Nahle

THE A LENS is a fashion blog written by Andrea Nahle, a 21 year old Marketing and Communication student from Zacatecas, Mexico. She started her blog to creatively express her love for fashion and photography. Crossing the lines by integrating fashion and making photography fashionable is something she does best! Read on to find out some of her inspirations and tips that she shared with us!

How does branding and creativity inspire The A Lens?

THE A LENS is a fashion blog dedicated to show my style and taste in fashion. As a fashion blogger, you become a public figure. My name and my blog are formed through collaborations with brands dedicated to fashion and personal image. Creativity and branding go hand in hand. In a business like mine, you must be creative to achieve mixing trends to create an image that is faithful to your style but still having your readers engaged.

Who is your fashion icon?

My main icons are Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel. Coco was a woman who changed the style of female dress and today, her influence on the fashion world continues. Lagerfeld has kept the essence of Chanel but has given a modern touch to the brand, and its creations for other fashion houses are impeccable.

What organization do you see your blog collaborating with?

My blog shows my love for big brands but also shows how style and fashion is affordable, and casual can be combined with luxury. I would love to collaborate with brands like Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga, but also work with more affordable brands like ZARA, H & M and MANGO.

How do lifestyle consultants benefit you and your blog?

I think being a fashion blogger in a way makes you a lifestyle consultant for your readers as you show them trends, new collections, amazing places, good music, nice places to go to and beauty advice. Personally, I don’t consult any, but I think they benefit people and their companies, and help them look better and feel better. Many people need that in their lives and it’s great to have professionals that help you in those areas.

How would you describe your brand?

THE A LENS and myself as the founder of it, want to show that fashion is not just what we see in magazines and catwalks; it is something real that happens every day, something wearable and part of you. My brand is open to collaborate and work with fashion brands and new talents to give a fresh and stylish point of view to my readers. My image is slightly edgy with classic accents, but I am always willing to add different touches. I want to inspire others with my passions.

It’s no wonder Elle Mexico featured Andrea in their magazine; she has a strong love for the fashion industry and she enjoys sharing it along with her style and ideas. One of her main goals is to inspire her readers with current trends, while always being conscious about accessibility and affordability. One thing is sure, we are sold on that! Follow THE A LENS blog to learn more about Andrea Nahle behind the lens.


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