A LUXE Q&A with Ariana Pierce, The Modern Heiress

Michigan native, Ariana, was interested in the entertainment and entrepreneurial industries at an early age. While currently residing in Orlando, she continuously inspires many young girls and even women with her fashion and entrepreneurial sense. Among other notable accomplishments, Ariana had already written six books, actively runs two businesses, and hosts an annual teen success conference. At just the age of 23 (yes, you read that correctly), she is now known as Ari The Heiress, the fashion and entertainment blogger for The Billionheir’s Club. Whether or not you are one of her thousands of followers, check out LOOKLIVELUXE’s interview with this unique Heiress!

How does branding and creativity inspire your business?

The creative process is very inspiring. I am always dealing with a variety of colors, packaging and creative concepts that are geared towards our target market. Even creating names for each lacquer collection or tags for Style Shoppe accessories inspires me to come up with concepts that help each customer feel like a superstar.

What brand do you see your company collaborating with?

I would absolutely love to collaborate with Tory Burch! I could see them having a Superstar Nail Lacquer and Tory Burch collection with fun and vibrant colors for ladies to match with their purses and sandals.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

I would describe my lifestyle as clean and overall healthy. I believe that life is about discovering new things and exploring the world around you. I love traveling the globe and experiencing different cultures and foods.

Who shaped and created the direction of your company?

My mom and I shaped and created the direction of Superstar Nail Lacquer! I wanted to introduce a nail lacquer brand that caused women to feel like the superstar they truly are. The average woman may never walk a red carpet or go to the Oscars, but with our lacquers they can. With color names like It Girl Orange, Walk The Red Carpet, or My Stylist Loves Pink, we are able to offer a glamorous lifestyle to our customers.

Do you have any fashion secrets or tips?     

I do have a fashion tip! Your image educates others on how to treat you. How you present yourself communicates to others if they should respect you or not. Before stepping out the door, ask yourself, will this outfit cause others to treat me with the respect I deserve?

Her constant hard work and dedication has and will certainly continue to pay off, and we are impatient to see what the Heiress has in store for us!


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