Top Things To Do: Valentine’s Day


Whether Valentine’s Day is a dreadful day to you, is just like any other day, or is a very special day, here are a few ideas on what to do this year…after all, you have to do something on a Friday!

∼ Treat yourselves to a massage. Since it is Friday, what better way to end this long week and celebrate Valentine’s Day at the same time? Consider it a must.

∼ Go stargazing. Now, do not think of it as cliché. It is an activity as enjoyable whether you are 20 or 80 years old. Also, if you download the Google Sky Map, you could actually learn about what you are looking at. I don’t think you need an extra reason to lay down and relax on a Friday…

∼ Go away for the weekend. Find a destination, a cozy bed-and-breakfast, take a road trip or fly there for a couple of days. Yes, you have work on Monday, but you’ll be in such a better mood.

∼ Cross something off of your bucket list. Whether it is skydiving, starting a new hobby, or eating a cheese or chocolate fondue (why not both?), just do it!

∼ Stay home and don’t feel guilty. Instead of the pressure of going out, freeing your schedules for each other might just be the best gift. Cook something new together (or simply order delivery service), open a bottle of wine, play some relaxing music, and enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t have a special someone this year? Invite a few friends or family, pick an idea that inspired you, and enjoy the night the same way!


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