You Are Cordially Invited…

cutout invite

foil invitations

Before the event arrival, before the photos are taken, before the cars are parked….it all starts with the invitation! The invitation is what sets the stage for your event. Be it a casual, elegant or in between affair; the invite says it all! The envelope, typography, colors and copy set the proverbial stage for what will be! You can get your audience engaged or completely shun them so it is important to get all the details right from the start! Here are some tips when your creative team starts the invitation process:

∼ If you are hosting a dinner party or social affair, let your guests know ahead of time the attire that is suggested for the venue. There is nothing worse than coming underdressed; on the other hand, you can never be overdressed!

∼ Color scheme is important. While black is always chic and leopard is regarded as a neutral, be sure not to overdo it. It is a bit odd to send an all-black invitation for a baby shower!

∼ It’s all in the details. Don’t overlook arrival times, RSVP dates or the cost of the impending soiree, help everyone be prepared and enjoy themselves without any surprises.

There are many more tips and tricks of the trade, what are some that you like to go by as the host of honor?




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