Trending On The Red Carpet: Oscars 2014


Hope you’ve enjoyed the Oscars as much as we did! While watching the red carpet of the Academy Awards, we noticed some fashion trends we thought we would share with you:

 Neutrals accompanied with metallic, jewels, beading, or, lace, sheer fabric neutrals such as nude and black made statements on the red carpet as to say ‘you don’t have to be brightly colored to stand out.’

Pastels softly added color to the red carpet rather as a solid or as a print. Solid colors such as light blue, and peach graciously glided across the carpet in flowy materials. Prints using pastel colors created garments which were perfect for the occasion, elegant yet unique.


Blue created a new association for itself at the Oscars as the color emerged in pale and deep midnight. Each gown worn in the color family held a sophisticated appeal as black yet with something more.

Plunging necklines revealed enough of itself to be a trend as many walking the red carpet wore gowns deep into the chest.

And the trend shared by everyone this year, and the one we consider most important … confidence. Confidence added style to every gown and suit, rather short or long at the 2014 Academy Awards.

Wish to add one of these trends to your wardrobe? V. Luxe Image can help!


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