Erica Cook : Interior Designer Spotted

Family room-13

Interior Designer spotted…”One of the best Interior designers to follow on Pinterest” according to Designer Marketplace! Erica Cook is an interior designer, a stylist, a blogger, and last but not least a single mom to five boys and a dog. She moved from Toronto to Calgary six years ago, and took on the stressful challenge of renovating her 2,487-square-foot home. Her blog, Moth Design, depicts her home renovation, design exploration, and life documentation.

MOTH actually stands for Making Others Truly Happy, Erica’s approach to design and personal motto. She strives to design homes that communicate feelings of support, comfort, invigoration, and inspiration. She mixes and matches colors, patterns, paints, and prints, and is thus able to create exquisite designs that not only complement individual personalities, but also create a unified family atmosphere.

As Erica rightfully says “When it comes to design, love is all you need,” and it shows through her designs. They always have a touch of elegance, yet you quickly grasp that it is all about the feel rather than the look. Some of the tips she recommends include to surround yourself with things you love, which will entice you to respect your home.

A moth is a type of butterfly drawn to light…and Erica Cook is certainly one that deserves a place in the spotlight and one to definitely follow on Pinterest and Instagram!


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