Mirror Mirror!

Gold Mirror Collage

Home styling and decorating can become a bit challenging, especially when dealing with smaller spaces! Maybe you’re trying to liven up your study, boudoir and vanity area or even your walk-in closet without adding details that will go unnoticed or be hidden to the eye. When in doubt, grab a mirror! Mirrors are inexpensive and chic ways to add class and depth to any space. Make your closet a true multi-purpose area and add a mirror so you can check yourself out in between wardrobe changes (especially for those last minute happy hour plans)!

While eyes are the windows to the soul, a mirror allows you to gaze in to a space that seems like you are stepping in to another world. Here are some tips from our interior design division, Live LUXE Interiors:

∼ Gather several mirrors in different sizes and shapes and arrange them on a wall to create unique wall art

∼ Adding a mirror to a wall across from an entry way gives an illusion of a larger space, even in the tiniest of them all

∼ Go to a vintage boutique or antique mall and grab a mirror with rustic charm where you can keep its nostalgia or spruce it up with some paint or matte or metallic (when in doubt go for the gold)

∼ Place a large wall mirror in the corner adjacent to a doorway or window near an end table to create depth and added natural light

∼ Be sassy, add a mirror or a collage to your dining area, kitchen or even your laundry room! Who says the most used spaces of the house have to be boring?

Where are some unique spaces you have added a mirror? Share your interior couture styling tips with us!


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