Men’s Guide To White Denim


Are you intimidated by white denim? For men, white jeans or shorts can seem like a challenge but it is quite easy and versatile. Rather for weekend or business casual, white denim brightens up any look! Jim Moore of GQ advises to “put a gray t-shirt on top, and casual never seems so elegant; throw a plaid button-down and blazer over them to give new life to that dressed-up-but-down.”

Some LUXE tips from our experts:
– Keep it light, wear your white jeans with driving shoes, oxfords, or sandals
– Bring a pair with you when you head to the beach, you can wear them with everything from flip-flops to an unbuttoned shirt

Whatever you do, remember to keep it fun! White is all about the style, fit and trend, make it work for you!

For more inspiration on how to style white denim, check out the rest of the article by Moore.


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