Fresh Scents Of Spring


As you step outside in to the warm breeze and blooming flowers, it is not hard to notice how everyone is adjusting to the season! From outdoor soirees to eating al fresco, we often see the changes, especially of wardrobe! But did you know that you should also update your fragrance regime? It’s time to put away those lovely heavy, musky winter scents and go for light and floral!

Have a hard time picking out light and floral fragrances because you don’t want them to wear off throughout the day? Well, we have some great ideas.

For the floral lover, try Roses de Chloe. This new scent from Chloe, transforms you into a garden overflowing with roses, as the name aptly states.

For an edgier scent, try the Nirvana duo by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Like its creators, the scent expresses edgy elegance but in two distinctly different ways.

For a mixture of rock and feminity, try Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her. As the female counterpart to Burberry Brit Rhythm, this fragrance contains lavender and musk, perfect for the excitement of rock n’ roll.

For a polished simple scent, try DKNY Be Delicious City Blossum Urban Violet. This perfume adds a fresh, floral, and light option to the chic family of DKNY.

Which fragrance will you choose as the winter layers are coming off?




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