No longer are we matching…we are mixing! With the artful trend known as color blocking, we are creatively and strategically combining contrasting yet complementary colors. Color blocking goes beyond fashion and is now more popularly seen in interiors and at events. This trend is definitely for the BOLD and may not appear as easy as it seems, but with the help of the color wheel…we can become artists!

Here are a few tips for creating your piece of art in luxe outfits, interiors and events:

Have a plan! Strategically mix colors. Combine colors of the same palette, for instance, join pastels with pastels or electrics with electrics and so forth.

Solids only! Don’t add stripes, florals or any other prints/patterns. Keep it solid, which is the most important aspect of color blocking. Though, accessories can be the exception.

Make accessories work! Add accessories for an easy, quick, and creative way to enhance the trend whether it’s for your outfit, home/office or events.

There are different degrees to color blocking and we’d love to see how far you’d go so Instagram it with the hash tag #LOOKLIVELUXE!


color blocked wedding Image-2


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