Consignment With The RealReal


There’s a secret to fashion…it always revolves and evolves! Consignment shopping is just that. It is luxury items circulating from one luxe individual to another to help develop their signature style. Resale shopping can either be done locally or online (we prefer online as it provides a wider range of closets to shop through). One of our favorite online consignment shops is The RealReal, one of the country’s premier online luxury resale stores through the aid of team experts. As one of the many things that V. Luxe Image Consulting offers, we also provide assistance in the process for consignors through our closet cleanse service. 

Though the idea and process of consignment shopping can seem like a daunting task, we found an article featuring The RealReal’s VP of Merchandising, Rati Sahi Leversque, for tips. Why not try some of these tips for this coming Memorial Day Weekend?

Style Chat: The RealReal’s Rati Sahi Levesque on Consignment Shopping

Image Credit: Kelly Market


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