LUXE Q&A With Kelly Newton, Organic Beauty Aficionado


Kelly Newton is definitely not your average beauty, she is one that puts the ‘B’ in business, especially when it comes to organic beauty. She divulges some of her tips with us that make her business, Pure Blends Spa & Apothecary, successful and how it inspires her lifestyle!

How would you describe your brand?

We take you beyond pampering and beauty to a spa experience unlike any other. Organic, personalized and made just for you. We have combined handmade remedies from a mix of age-old and modern ingredients, custom blended to your body’s very personalized language. Leaving you with a sense of renewal and enrichment. Our unique and personalized approach to wellness through services and professional care products both relax and inspire a healthy lifestyle.

How does branding and creativity inspire your business?

There is only one boss, the customer; and if you don’t differentiate your brand, customers won’t come back. Everything we have created down to the finishing details of our treatment rooms to the exclusive products we carry from around the world are part of our brand and experience and what sets Pure Blends apart. 

Who is your business icon?

I would have to say Steve Jobs. He was an Entrepreneur, Inventor, and marketing genius. He always said: ”Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” 

Who do you see your brand collaborating with?

We are always looking to improve and grow our brand and business and we look to only work with like-minded businesses and brands. There is no limitation to what we will do and what we can create. I don’t have a specific company / brand to collaborate with because we are constantly creating our own brands and seeking innovative ways to improve our customer’s lives.

Do you incorporate branding in your personal life?

Absolutely! My personal lifestyle is a reflection of Pure Blends. I am not just the founder I am a client.

How do lifestyle consultants benefit you and your company?

Lifestyle Consultants strive to improve their client’s lives in areas such as health and well being. All of the products, services, and environment that we offer at Pure Blends are the perfect marriage of a healthy lifestyle and anyone that supports healthy living have found the perfect place to be.

Do you have any lifestyle secrets or tips?

∼ Organize your closet. This way you’ll be able to see what you own.

∼ Use white wine to remove red wine stains.

∼ The best at-home method to keep diamonds sparkling: liquid dishwasher detergent and an old toothbrush.

∼ And last, but certainly NOT least. Protect your skin. Always use a 1/2 teaspoon of SPF or you definitely aren’t getting the protection needed. In this case, less is not more; unless you are looking to increase sunspots and wrinkles. I use John Masters mineral SPF religiously. It not only provides the protection you need but also gives you that dewy glow that celebs are always sporting. Pure Blends is offering 20% off John Masters SPF the entire month of June.

Kelly is truly the beauty and the brains of her brand and her tips alone makes us want to try them straightaway, especially for that dewy glow! Pure Blends Spa & Apothecary is not only about beauty though, they have teamed up with Make-A-Wish Foundation and we are all in. We love a company who loves to give back, don’t you? Make sure to stop by her site to find out more! 

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