Get Into His Jeans

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It’s that time of year again; time to get in touch with your inner summer self. This summer the trend is going back to the basics: boyfriend jeans, but with a twist. This time around it’s all about the skinny; straight legged boyfriend jeans that is. Do you need a boyfriend to pull off this look? Absolutely not! Rock your independence as well as your sense of style.

One plus about this trend is that you can dress it both up and down; it is all about how you accessorize. Wear a plain t-shirt! That’s about as casual as it gets, and you will still look cute. You can top it off with some sunglasses or a sporty hat. This look is comfortable, but cute! Want to look a little nicer? That’s easy! Put on a cute button-up and you’re ready to go. Carry a clutch for the essentials to take it one step further.

These, of course, are not the only ways to accessorize. Celebrities have been seen dressing up the jeans with scarves, jewelry, large purses and jackets. With so many ways to style the jeans, it is the perfect way to dress yourself this summer.

Find your favorite pair here!


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