Women’s 2014 LUXE Beach Wear

5a91eaba3cdad965183f89fa55546d98 After our Creative Director, Val Decena, visited Cancun this past weekend  she shared some of her fave beach/resort wear with us. So since it’s beach (or pool) time, one of the best parts of summer, why not help you enjoy the season in some fashionable new attire as well! 

Swim Suits: Of course, the most quintessential part of your wardrobe this summer will be your swim suit. There are a lot of bold options. No matter the style (one vs. two piece), many designers are opting for bright colors, color blocking, metallic accents and cut-out shapes this year. Cut-outs are especially Val’s fave!




Shop Bop

Cover-ups: Maxis are very popular this year, as is the lacy or crochet look. Bright colors also reign supreme in this category, but ensure that it doesn’t clash with your suit!


Beach bags: There are a lot of great options for beach carryon, neutrals and straws are classic but laser cut bags are especially trending for the beach! hb139bhp_avalon_blush_straight_on_rgb_aStella & Dot Avalon Tote

Sunglasses: Aviators are always in, but this season we are seeing a lot of heavier or cat-y-ier frames!





Sandals: When it comes to beach footwear, it’s best to keep it simple and comfy.

Dolce Vita at Bloomingdales

Hats: Hats are one of things people love or hate. So, this section is truly optional but we’re opting for the panama hat.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone

*Necessary SPF: Taking care of your skin is a must while catching some rays. There are a lot of great sunscreens out there, but few compare to Shiseido.

Enjoy your summer!!!


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