Flavors of Summer: Fourth of July Edition


Celebrate this year’s Independence Day with good food (and good company)!
If you caught our Facebook recipe this week, you’re going to love the suggestions below. If you missed it, here it is again: Lavender Lemon Martini

Watermelon Cups
Watermelon is one of those ubiquitous summer fruits. Create the cups by cutting the watermelon into squares. Hollow out the squares a bit, and fill with feta, with either cucumbers and mint or Kalamata olives and basil.

Coconut Shrimp
Shrimp and seafood in general always make an appearance in the summertime. Coconut is quite a popular flavor. Pair the two by making coconut shrimp with spicy sweet dipping sauce.

Summer-Thyme Cocktail
Put a new twist on lemonade with this refreshing mix. It contains vodka, St. Germain and honey-thyme lemonade. It was created by Sweet Hospitality Group (New York).

Dips are always popular at BBQs, but salsas can be a healthier option. Orange and avocado salsa can be served on top of meat, with chips or on its own. Healthy and versatile!

Remix a classic by serving your guest Smores pie. Just as delicious without the need for a fire pit.

We hope you enjoy your Fourth of July & try one of our suggested flavors of summer! We’d love to know if you did or have you share your flavors with us!


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