LUXE Q&A with A. Marie Jewelry’s Founder, Ashley Velarde-Rosenblum


After our past featured LUXE Q&A with Jessica Karasik of GLAMbox, we couldn’t help but notice the gems that were displayed on her lucite stands. A. Marie Jewelry is quite precious and so is its founder, Ashley Marie. We wanted to find out more about her jewels and what inspired her to make these sexy, bohemian chic pieces, turning it into a steadily growing business that was launched back in 2007.

How would you describe A. Marie Jewelry and who shaped the brand?

Bohochic. I like ideas of wearing pieces with bikinis on vacation kind of whimsical but also sophisticated enough to wear in the corporate world. Me. It was completely organic; from within.

Where do you find inspiration?

Its hard to pick just one because I’m inspired by a lot. Gemstones, I see how it would look good as a necklace or bracelet and build a collection from that. Happy places and memories of vacationing. I’m inspired by travels & naturebecause the pieces are earthy, organic and glam.

Who do you admire or consider as a fashion icon?

DVF because she has taken over home, kids…she’s just classic.

What company do you see your brand collaborating with and who are you currently working with?

Neiman’s for sure. DASH recently, A Bikini A Day, Marianna Hewitt

We certainly look forward to finding this “up & coming super sexy, bohemian chic jewelry line” at Neiman’s, but for now you can get A. Marie Jewelry online or at one of the most notable and chic stores, DASH, by the Kardashians. Also, make sure to follow this collective line on their site to see where their next trunk show will be. We now know that LUXE has definitely met boho chic! 



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