In It Just To Win It?


Almost a year back we spotted an interior designer, Ericka Cook of Moth Design, on Pinterest and have been following her on all social media channels ever since. This talented, single mother of 5 is a little ball of inspiration. She took to Instagram a self-originated quote, “I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.” One that would later spread like wildfire and make an impact on the entrepreneurial world. Well, it at least made an impact in the small business world ran by women such as LOOKLIVELUXE Group. That statement is oh so compelling when all you think about in business is competing with one another. So we can definitely appreciate this quote and recognize that there’s enough success and money in the world to be had. Let’s all lift one another up! The “You Can Sit With Us” campaign is in full effect! So are you just in it to win it? Or will you join us?


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