LUXE Q&A With Trust Fund Beauty’s, Samara Granofsky


Just launching a sassy line in February, Samara Granofsky, has created a luxe lifestyle in a bottle. Trust Fund Beauty is a vegan nail polish line that we are currently coveting. As lovers of the finer things, we definitely relate to her creative tongue-in-cheek collections, such as Heiress, Celebutante, & Prenup! We just had to know more about Samara, Trust Fund Beauty and how she developed a brand that makes your nails look like you’ve broke the bank, and what inspired her to create it!

So where do you find inspiration?

From my everyday life and Pop culture.

How would you describe your lifestyle and do you incorporate branding into it?

I live my brand. I grew up and continue to live a privileged lifestyle. The attitude, the names of my polish and the polish descriptions all reflect things I have seen/heard and are pulled from my life.

How would you describe yourTrust Fund Beauty as a brand?

We are a [lifestyle] in a bottle. We are a luxury brand with sass and an edge.

Who shaped and created the mfdirection of your Trust Fund Beauty?

Our polish is vegan and non toxic with cheeky names and sassy descriptions. This brand was created for my mother. When she was going thru chemotherapy she wanted a non toxic polish with an edge. At the time their wasn’t a brand that was edgy and cool with a large colour selection.

What’s one lifestyle secret or tip that you’d like to share with us?

Be unapologetically yourself!

Wow, “be unapologetically yourself!” That’s one tip we strive to maintain in a world that is so judgmental. This is all the more reason why we admire Samara as an entrepreneur and most importantly, a great daughter! Her edgy vegan nail polish line is worth trying and its collection is bound to give you some sass! Do place your orders straightaway on!



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