Park Avenue Fashion Week 2014

JD Casto



Val Decena with Tammy Jo Fashions & Retromended


VIP Sky Lounge
VIP Sky Lounge



Val Decena with Omar from Power 95.3’s Obbie & Lil Shawn Show

This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to cover one of the largest fashion events in Central Florida known as Park Avenue Fashion Week! Park Avenue Fashion Week is a week glamorized with events and coupled with philanthropy sponsored by Harriett Lake. The glamour and hauteness was in full abundance that night. Featured boutiques such as Forema, Tuni’s and Red Carpet Couture and Gems were our fave, not only because of the wardrobe but because of what they brought to the stage! We were also happy to see the emerging designer winner, Stone Edwards, showcase his work.

The runway show production was all provided by Shel Marks PR and though it was their first time, they’ve done an absolute fabulous job. There were some changes to this year’s format, which included live performances on stage and also reporting from backstage where the models were getting prepped to strut the runway. These changes made the experience all the more enjoyable. We’re already looking forward to PAFW 2015. Did you happen to attend this year? What were your thoughts?

PAFW 2014
Forema’s Boutique

Photo credits: LOOKLIVELUXE Group

For more images visit Winter Park Photography


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