LUXE Q&A With The Fearless Celebrity Publicist, Arian Simone


The spirit of Valentine’s Day is all about love. With all of the chaos that surrounds us, we often get so caught up in loving others that we forget to love ourselves. CEO and Celebrity Publicist Arian Simone, of Arian Simone Enterprises, advocates a lifestyle of fulfillment and confidence. Her “BE Fearless” product line includes items designed to compliment this lifestyle. One of the items being a 21 Day Teatox! As stated by Arian Simone, the 21 Day BE Fearless Challenge “was designed for you to get in the habit of operating at your highest and best expression of yourself. We want you at your greatest potential: mind, body, and soul, doing everything in the spirit of excellence.” In the midst of it all, we were able to ask Arian Simone questions about her lifestyle brand and how it came into fruition.

How would you describe your brand? Who shaped and created the direction of your company?  

My brand is fearless, polished, rich, hip, and relevant. It is also inspiring and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Honestly God, I ended up going from being homeless to having a successful PR business and the belief in being fearless is the backbone and shape of my brand.

How does branding and creativity inspire your business and where o you find this inspiration? 

Branding and creativity is always an inspiration to my business. I am one who truly enjoys the creative process, I love seeing something in its raw state and watching it evolve. I find inspiration from many things, first I find inspiration from other creative and successful people. Two, I find inspiration from the most simple pure things, I enjoy witnessing the raw materials that God has placed on this earth, and third I find inspiration from traveling. I love learning new cultures, meeting new people, and seeing new places.

Who do you admire or consider as a fashion, lifestyle, or business icon? 

Oh gosh, let me think, based on the words fashion, lifestyle & business all in one, who comes to mind? Hmm…..Kimora, Rachael Zoe

What company do you see your brand/company collaborating with? Any collaborations underway?

I would love to do any Fearless Campaign collaborations with any of my favorite luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacobs. Not at the moment, if any reach out, I am more than open to entertaining the possibilities

How would you describe your lifestyle and do you incorporate branding into it? 

My lifestyle is fearless and fabulous and yes branding in always incorporated in it because I am my brand, my brand is built off of who I am authentically.

What lifestyle secrets or tips do you have? 

The lifestyle tips that I would give is to always create something that is a reflection of you, be it your fashion style, interior home design, or a grand event, your creation will always do well when its authentic!

Quite a driven young woman to say the least, with such an inspiring story that led to a lifestyle brand that truly reflects her, fearless! Following the premise that it takes 21 days to create a habit, the 21 Day Teatox and 21 Day Be Fearless Challenge make a great package to revitalize yourself mentally and physically. The Teatox loose leaf tea is completely organic and USDA approved. The blend of ingredients promotes weight loss and detoxification, leaving you feeling cleansed and rejuvenated. You can even enter to win amazing prizes by sharing your 21 Day Be Fearless Challenge experiences on social media and using the designated tags.

Make it a point to love yourself this Valentine’s Day and check out Arian Simone’s amazing products to empower and appreciate YOU!




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