Lou Jewels Launches On March 5th



As a new business, we know the challenges that are faced daily to grow and maintain a successful one. We also know how important it is to receive support from other like businesses. Therefore, after almost two years of our very own ups and downs and receiving support from fellow businesses, we wanted to give that very support back by spreading the word about Lou Jewels Launch Event.

It was only after a birthday fête held at Scratch Tapas & Craft, that we couldn’t help but to fall in love with its quaintness and its highly palatable food (we recommend the Loup De Mer)! Not only did we fall in love with this venue, but we fell in love with one of the managing partners, Ashley Bryd and her creative, free-spirited friend, Shannon Mcrae of Lou Jewels. It was then that LOOKLIVELUXE was able to help garner a fabulous joint event.

This March, Scratch and Lou Jewels will be hosting an all white affair debuting the beautiful and simplistic jewelry collection. It’s an open invite to Orlando and Winter Park’s fashionable and artsy crowd, offering signature drinks and small plates of goodness, while showcasing Lou Jewels and launching its official eCommerce site. We’re too excited for it and we want to see you all there!
Join the launch!

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