Current Trends In Interior Design


After interviewing one of our favorite Interior Designers, Jennifer Schmidt for a LUXE Q&A, we wanted to delve deeper into interiors and share the current trends to help beautify your home. As you know or may not know, interior design allows you to use a space and create a mood. Whether it’s industrial, modern, elegant, or simplistic, the theme of a room can be conveyed through the use of things like furniture and decor. Here are some of our favorite interior design trends!


 1. Mixing Metals

If you are going for a modern-industrial vibe in your space, you should definitely try this trend! The contrast of cool metals such as silver and warm metals like brass, copper or gold works to create a sense of balance. As this trend begins to spread, interior designers are creating tons of pieces that include contrasting metals. You can also mix metals yourself with contrasting pieces such as a coffee table!


2. Pedestals

When you have a corner or area of your space that just seems like it’s missing something, a pedestal is a great and simple way to add dimension. Since pedestals come in endless shapes, sizes, and colors, you can find one that perfectly compliments your space. Placing a plant or book on a pedestal could add that necessary spark to a seemingly lacking space.


3. Mirrors

In today’s interior design scene, mirrors serve as more than a tool to see your reflection. Mirrors can be used to create dimension in any space. There are so many beautiful mirrors in stores and their different structures and styles can give a more dynamic and modern feel to a room.

Mixing Metals

4. Wooded Accents

People have been using plants as decor for quite some time, however this trend is more about using branches, driftwood or chunks of wood in its natural form as accent pieces. A seemingly dull wall or shelf can easily be spruced up through the placement of properly selected driftwood or a branch.


5. Innovative Lighting

Creative chandeliers and lights, especially the sputniks, are infiltrating interior design and we love it! There is a chandelier or light source available for every style sense, theme, and mood. If you’re space could use an extra flare of elegance or a statement piece, a fresh light source could do the trick!

These chic trends are extremely versatile and can compliment any atmosphere. If your office or home could use a flash of style, try one or more of these fun tricks!

Images Via Pinterest


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