The Rising Popularity of Sample Subscriptions


Sample subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular! Services including Birchbox, Ipsy, and Scentbird allow subscribers to receive specialized product samples delivered right to their doors.The latest addition to this trend is none other than the Rachel Zoe brand.

What makes Zoe’s service, Box of Style, different from other established providers is the wide variety of products it includes. While both Ipsy and Birchbox specialize in beauty products and Scentbird specializes in fragrances, Box of Style’s contents will range from beauty, to clothing, and more.

Zoe’s Box of Style has two plans for customers to choose from, the seasonal membership and the annual membership. There are four boxes per year, priced at $100 each via the seasonal membership or $350 for all four boxes via the annual membership. Each box is valued at over $300 and will include a featured “Hero Item” valued at $100 plus!

The convenience of sample subscription boxes has driven them to success. By subscribing to one of these service providers, you can try a variety of quality products at an amazing price to decide which ones you love!

Join Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style now and let us know what you think.

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