Why Hiring An Event Planner Is A LUXE Idea!

Event Planner

The Chairs 4 Charity 1920s themed event was last night and went according to plan with minor issues at the beginning, but all in all it was a great success! After each and every event we attend or help create, we like to analyze and see how it could have or how it can become even more of a success. Therefore, we revisit why it’s a LUXE or great idea to hire an event planner, even for nonprofit organizations such as The Mustard Seed of Central Florida.

The key to planning a great event goes beyond having great taste: it requires a vision and attention to detail. Truth is, a professional event planner can take an ordinary event to an extraordinary experience! Don’t believe us? Keep on reading and you will find some of the reasons why hiring a professional event planner is ALWAYS a great idea:

1. Little details are big! – Planning an event is more than finding a venue and hiring a catering service. There are many details that go into having a perfect evening, from receiving the guests, to turning the clients’ vision into a reality…A professional planner will make sure every tiny detail is planned and taken into consideration.

2. No stress and no mess! – Professionals know how to coordinate logistics and handle unexpected issues, making sure everything gets taken care of and you don’t go through any stressful moments. It’s your party, and with a pro by your side, everything will run smoothly.

3. Exclusivity! – Event planners have a wide network of suppliers and vendors whom they deal with everyday. Having access to such a strong group grants you exclusivity to a great service, venues and catering, among others.

4. Budget! – Years of experience come with many perks, one of them being able to manage a budget and get the best value from suppliers. A pro will also assist you on balancing priorities, making sure your event is worth what you’re paying for.

5. Enjoy the party! – A professional planner will always have in mind that the most important thing is you: the client. Having someone experienced in your corner will allow you to enjoy not only the event, but also the process behind it.

These 5 points will help define why hiring a professional event planner is a LUXE idea! Though, we are fairly new to the event management arena, we have a network of creative, professional event planners that we can refer you to depending on your needs. Planning an event? Please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation!


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