Marketing Vs PR


Marketing and Public Relations are often used in conjunction when discussing business strategies. But are they really the same thing? While marketing is used as a strategy to place advertisements and directly encourage the consumer to act on the product or service, public relations focuses more on establishing relationships to earn more public recognition for the company.

Although, they are different in purpose and execution, marketing and public relations can be used concurrently to promote a company. In fact, a successful marketing campaign can often lead to flourishing public relations through media attention and public endorsement. Marketing is what gets consumers to utilize the product, it serves as a direct call to action and works to promote your product or service. So does marketing trump PR? Both elements are quite very necessary, according to an article, Public Relations Vs Marketing: What’s The Difference. Do read it and let us know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Marketing Vs PR

  1. they are most deffo different because marketing covers a huge amount down to working out a consumers behaviour, beliefs, environment factors the list goes on and that is even before they arrive at the right strategy.
    will deffo read.

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