Branded Vs Editorial Content: Which Route Do You Take?

Marketing is one of the most important aspects for businesses to survive. While most businesses have some type of marketing, mediocre marketing can cause a business to become boring and eventually insignificant. This is why staying up to date on marketing techniques in today’s world is a necessity for a business to thrive.

Within the Marketing world there is a lot of discussion of whether branded or editorial content works better. Branded content is very specific to the brand that is displaying the content. This is used to share company news, such as a new product launch, a reached milestone, or service information. Editorial content is based upon the audience’s experience and interests instead of the brand itself. This type  of content will have shared useful content that may or may not involve the brand.

When viewers see branded content, they get a full feeling of the business or brand. The viewer will understand what the business stands for, what it does, and what it wants to be known for. With editorial content the viewer gets a feeling for what the business or brand wants to portray for that post specifically. In a sense, branded content can seem self-promoting, while editorial content sometimes loses the brand’s message.  Branded content gives a clear brand definition, where as, editorial content can be fresh and exciting to the viewers. So which is better for businesses? Why not a combination of the two?

Combining editorial and branded content can be a difficult task, but if done correctly, it is a great marketing technique. Editorial and branded content can be combined in either an editorial content with a branded feel, or branded content with an editorial look. For the most part, LOOKLIVELUXE Group tends to go the editorial route for our viewers. We like to attract them with chic pictorials rather than slapping our logo on everything. Though, we realize it’s best to combine both and will implement them here and there.

Which route do you use if you’re a blogger or business? If you don’t know which route you usually take or still confused about which direction to go in? You can find specific examples from Studio D’s recent article, Branded vs. Editorial: Which Route to Take?


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