LUXE Q&A With Andi Mans, Wedding Planner & Photographer

Andi Mans

After meeting Andi Mans at one of her first industry networking events, But First, Hello, over a month ago…we were intrigued to find out more. Not only a creative wedding planner, but also a talented photographer who once owned a branding business. Andi began her career as a singer/songwriter at the ripe age of 14. By the age of 19, she had completed a full album and had worked with a variety of Grammy nominated producers. How impressive? But that’s only the beginning! From there, she trained in photography, posing and modeling, which comes in handy now for her personal fashion blog “AM Living”. Along with that, she has extensive experience as an Art Director for a print/graphics design company, as well as with journalism and web design. All of this prior and impressive experience prepared her to start up her own company of which we learned through her interview!

How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with Andi Mans Weddings?  

Andi Mans Weddings, I wanted my brand to be friendly, welcoming and familiar yet still staying unique. My business derived from my name, really describes ME, I love all things creative, design, details and LOVE! After working in the corporate world, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business, motivated and hopefully, I started literally from ripping paper ads out of magazines and cold emailing and calling potential clients that would give me seconds to hear about my services. It wasn’t easy but boy was it worth the hard work. My direction/brand was all created and designed by myself 🙂 Having a branding business before I started Andi Mans Weddings really helped me have hands on with all of that!

How does branding and creativity inspire your business? 

It’s everything! All that I do is a reflection of my inner creative heart and mind. Ever growing and always evolving, each time I create or deliver an event or design a piece or capture an image, it inspires me to continue pushing myself to think outside the box.

Who is your business icon?  

Gosh, that’s really hard but as cliché as this may sound, Martha Stewart ( minus the jail time, haha ). I really love how she started her brand as one section and then expanded to so many other outlets, that’s exactly what a creative person is, SO many outlets, and she really was I feel, one the first major female hitters in the lifestyle/weddings industry to carve out the ways.

What organizations do you see your company collaborating with?

I would love to continue collaborating with local and out of state professionals, mixing outside industries into the wedding industry as well. I love giving back, so community and helping others is a big importance for me.

How would you describe your lifestyle and do you incorporate branding into your personal life? 

My lifestyle is dedicated and passionate. I love what I do, I love meeting others and sharing stories, learning their journey and sharing mine. I do my best to have a healthy lifestyle, always to work out and keep my mind and heart stress free! Though having your own business can be demanding, I think it’s important to take breaks and just laugh, go to church, see family, grab wine with the girls and just not forget to have fun, life is way too short. 

Yes, I would say my Instagram and website reflect that. I like to put a personal touch to everything I do, as it’s truly part of my personality, images you see, any design work and interaction with my couples. I want the “what you see is what you get” to really be true.

Do you have any industry tips you’d like to share?  

As far as identity goes and your branding/business/yourself, stay TRUE, stay REAL and RAW. But not too raw, I think it’s great to be personal but I also believe it’s good to keep some of your life to yourself, as we all have our own! Portray what your style is by staying consistent with your branding, color palettes, Instagram post choices, and even down to your web presence. When someone arrives on your social media or website, you want the visitor to feel like “hey, she’s cool, we could hang, she could be my friend, I feel comfortable…” this then brings the client to you, even though they’re interested in your services, it goes beyond that. Clients are hiring not just your expertise but YOU.

Andi Mans is the woman to go to, if you’re looking for a well rounded and experienced event/wedding planner! With a friendly, and very welcoming brand, Andi Mans has perfected the niche of wedding planning. She has found that staying true to yourself, and adding a dab of personal touch into your work truly is the best way to stay real and consistent. With the mindset of the corporate world in her pocket, as well as a skill-set of photography in her grasp, she has managed to tether her ideas and experience into her own personal company. The proud owner and creator of AM Weddings, offers planning, coordination and event design for weddings, celebrations and more! She provides her clients with the option to utilize her very own team of hair and makeup artist, florists and photographers.Though, Andi mainly works locally (Orlando, Florida) she will, on occasion, work destination weddings as well. So do keep her in mind for your next big event! For now take a tour of today for all your wedding endeavors. As for us, we can’t wait for Andi’s next But First, Hello event! 

But First, Hello by Andi Mans

Andi Mans Weddings


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