NYFW, Reinvented


This was a pivotal season for New York Fashion Week – after five years of being held at the Lincoln Center, they were told that they could no longer hold the event there. If that wasn’t enough of a shocker, their biggest sponsor, Mercedes Benz informed them that they would no longer be affiliated with the event. It was time to figure things out, make changes and reinvent – which is exactly what they did!

This season’s event was held at two new locations, the Moynihan Station and Clarkson Square, and was hosted by Skylight, which is an event venue development and management firm. Skylight saved the events legacy and reputation by finding these two historic spaces that are completely open and moldable. Having to re-invent such a large event must have been extremely stressful but that managed it without a hitch! Perhaps luck was on there side, there have been many to say that these new locations were far more impressive than previous ones, even the Lincoln Center! Designers had the freedom to transform these tremendous and raw, open spaces to reflect their visions – this was one of the biggest differences that we noticed from previous years. We’ve even heard that designers who have opted out of the show in the past, due to it being located in tents, may re-think their decision in the future and come present in these new venues!

Intricate designs from Self Portrait designer Han Chong, were showcased at this year’s New York Fashion Week for the first time. Subtle, yet beautiful and perforated pieces were displayed in a portrait manner and helped kick off the week. It was truly a debut that pleased many fashion show goers and is ,without a doubt, a new contemporary brand to covet!

Self Portrait via Getty Images
Self Portrait via Getty Images

Givenchy decided to launch his midnight, and very much sophisticated collection during NYFW on the roof top of a Manhattan sky scraper. A show stopping piece, which was modeled by model Joan Smalls, could be seen gliding down the runway; it was the look that stole the night. A black structured gown with large fur accents spiraled down the sides.


Other designers that participated in the week’s festivities included Jeremy Scott, Tommy Hilfiger, DVF, and Marc Jacobs. Though, we must say that the Marc Jacobs show was the show that stopped Fashion Week in its tracks. A very much theatrical show in nature, the show was showcased at the Ziegfeld Theatre, and was called “Marc Jacobs Premiere”.

Anna Wintour At Marc Jacobs Premiere
Anna Wintour At Marc Jacobs Premiere via @MisterMort

Models made up by Francois Nars of NARS Beauty can be seen strutting down runways that surrounded the audience, whom were all seated in the very middle in theatre-like-seats. A large orchestra presented at the very front of the crowd, and the essence of patriotism, style and old Hollywood glamour lit up a red carpet that was placed at the show’s entrance. It was “A dazzling, patriotic, and blockbuster of a show @MarcJacobs” according to The Cut.

Adriana Lima in Givenchy SS16 via Posh Brazilian Blog
Adriana Lima in Givenchy SS16 via Posh Brazilian Blog

The closing event/after party was held on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel, which is the ideal place to conclude such a week! Starting it off at the Moynihan Station, Clarkson Square, Ziegfeld Theatre and ending it at the Empire Hotel rooftop. There would have been no better locations that they could have picked to embrace the city and enjoy it both for its past and present. So we think it’s safe to say, NYFW has re-invented itself! Just see for yourself with this video via NYFW: The Shows!


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