Make Room For Another Subscription Box: Jennifer Schmidt’s Box Of Chic


Back in March, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Schmidt of JWS Interiors. JWS Interiors is a chic and stylish interior design firm based in Washington, DC. With the current craze of subscription boxes, we were both delighted and thrilled when we received news that she has launched her own home decor subscription box service! This particular subscription box will cater to home decor enthusiasts, like ourselves and we’re too excited to get our hands on it.

Starting this month, Jennifer is offering boxes of pretty chic items that will be delivered right to your fab door step! Currently, she is in beta with the first batch of boxes, and come early 2016 subscription memberships will be available. At that time, all you’ll have to do is create an account at Box of Chic and select a “box type” depending on your very own home decor style.  Within just a few short days, you’ll receive the lovely branded box.

This novel opportunity takes the stress out of decorating or re-decorating spaces . With just the click of a button, you will receive chic pieces for your desk, coffee table, bedroom and much, much more…curated all for you! Jennifer’s years of experience in interior design and chic-ness allows her to procure items of your liking without a doubt. We know that this adventure will be successful and has already been featured as Hoda’s Luxe For Less pick on The Today Show.

Want more than design? Then there are several subscriptions catering to your specific needs such as the ever growing Birchboxwhich supplies sample beauty products and Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style…well, it supplies a little bit of everything that’s in style! Have you subscribed to any boxes yet and which ones were they?


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4 thoughts on “Make Room For Another Subscription Box: Jennifer Schmidt’s Box Of Chic

  1. Lovely post!! I’m excited to check out her website and sign up early next year. This is a fantastic idea because I have so many ideas about freshening up my home every season yet never take the time to go shopping for those decorative accents to make it look absolutely fab. Thanks for sharing this great info!

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