LUXE Q&A With A Sultre Entrepreneur, Traci Rodriguez



Not many people can say they knew exactly what they wanted to do when they grew up and actually did it, but that wasn’t the case for Traci Rodriguez. Since the tender age of 10, she knew owning a boutique was what she truly wanted, and in 2005 her dream turned into a reality. While well aware of the importance individuality plays in the signature role of a boutique, Traci took to LA to discover emerging designers and handpick pieces that represent the unique and confident style for her boutique, Sultre. A chic, yet, sexy women’s boutique located on one of Winter Park, Florida’s renown streets, Park Ave. She also gave us an insight on how she came up with Sultre and what drives her brand.

How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with Sultre? 

Sultre’s girl has a sexy vibe who isn’t afraid to blaze her own path. As far as the name… it just came to me…I wanted Sultre to be hot and so the name Sultre was perfect!

Who shaped and created the direction of Sultre? 

I did.  Hard work, determination and most importantly, passion will always lead you to success.

How would you describe your lifestyle? 

Busy..I work all the time but absolutely love it.  Sultre is my dream come true and I feel blessed to come here every day. I am happy to say I have been in business going on 11 years and you will always find me here with a smile.  🙂

Do you incorporate branding in your personal life? 

Well….  I am ALWAYS wearing Sultre..  ALWAYS.. do I make a point to incorporate it in my lifestyle…no,  I just love wearing my clothes. Dressy or casual, it’s all I want to wear.

Do you have any image or fashion tips you’d like to share?

Don’t over think it.. go with how you feel.  Don’t get too wrapped up in trends; do what looks great on you and makes you feel the best.  Confidence. Is always hot.

We couldn’t agree more with Traci’s tip for us, “Confidence, is always hot.” Having been to Sultre, her pieces are bound to give you that feeling. Sultre is more than just a boutique, it’s a brand that was hand crafted with passion. The shopping experience that you will have here is just that, AN EXPERIENCE – you will be welcomed with a smile and drenched with attention. Traci prides herself on the positive environment that she has created in her boutique and we appreciate her for that. To say that she goes above and beyond for her store is an understatement- she invents herself completely to ensure that she is unlike any other store or boutique that you have ever encountered. Seeing as though she brings in brands that have yet to be discovered, we are confident she has achieved this! You can find some sultry on her site or visit her on Park Ave! 



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