LUXE Q&A with The Beautiful, Beauty Vlogger, Zabrena 



In the beginning of February, we went to The Makeup Show Orlando, where we ran into the beautiful, beauty vlogger, Zabrena. Instantly, we were drawn in by her gorgeous red hair and of course, her eyes! Her eyes drew our attention and made us want to learn more about her technique. She was very sweet to share her technique with us, as well as, how she came up with her personal brand and beauty business, Zabrena has collaborated with the likes of Clinique and other beauty products. Her eye and love for make up, which is inspired by Hollywood Glam, is incredible and it shines through in her Youtube videos. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is also beautiful on the inside, which is why her videos are created to inspire and empower other women to embrace their own beauty. 

My brand, both on the YouTube channel and, is all about inspiring and empowering women to embrace their own unique beauty. I’m a big believer in doing what makes you feel the most confident because self-confidence is the ultimate “beauty” essential!

How would you describe your brand and how did you come up with

My brand, both on the YouTube channel and, is all about inspiring and empowering women to embrace their own unique beauty. I’m a big believer in doing what makes you feel the most confident because self-confidence is the ultimate “beauty” essential! I came up with by accident, honestly. I got into MAC Cosmetics several years ago and quickly became overwhelmed by all the eyeshadows they offered. I wanted a way to remember eyeshadow combinations as I was creating them (so if I ever wanted to wear them again, I could)  and started documenting them with pictures on a blog. It wasn’t long before people started discovering what I was doing and requests to start making YouTube videos were numerous … the rest is history! 🙂


Who shaped and created the direction of

It’s just lil’ ol’ me! 🙂 In the beginning, hearing from so many women how much what I was doing had helped them, not only in their application skills, but in their personal and professional lives really shaped the direction of what I was doing. Their significant other had complimented their makeup, friends wanted to know what they were doing differently, co-workers were asking for tips, etc. Hearing testimonials like these was incredibly humbling and inspired me to create a positive, empowering environment where we could all share ideas and experiences between one another, both about makeup and life.


How does branding and creativity inspire your business?

My brand is built on positivity and empowering others so I channel that energy into the type of content I produce. I want others to find the content I’m producing helpful, meaningful and something that will make their lives easier; it does have an impact!


Who is your beauty icon and who do you see yourself collaborating with in the future? 

I personally love the glamorous Hollywood icons when beauty and class were celebrated. I feel like we’ve lost those qualities in our modern society. It’s hard to pick only one, but Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Constance Bennett are at the top of my list.
It’s hard to tell! I recently collaborated with Clinique, which was an absolute joy. Everyday is an exciting adventure!


How would you describe your lifestyle and how do you incorporate branding into your personal life? 

Busy! Ha! I am married to an amazing man and we have a 15 year old Maine Coon cat, Inky. I recently made the lifestyle switch to a Pescatarian Diet, which is essentially a vegetarian who also eats fish and seafood. I lead a pretty active lifestyle with exercise about 4-5 times per week, sometimes I don’t enjoy it but for the most part once I get into it, I’m golden. (Getting to the gym is half the battle, right?!) When I have downtime for hobbies I enjoy gourmet cooking, travel and photography.  For the most part though, my husband and I enjoy what we do for a living so we work a lot!


I’m a big believer in practicing what you preach, so yes, every aspect of my business is in my personal life in one way or another. 🙂


Do you have any beauty tips you’d like to share? 

So many! Most importantly, less is always more. When in doubt, blend it out (LOL)! If it doesn’t make you feel confident, don’t do it! There are so many trends that come and go, but trends don’t work for everyone. Don’t be afraid to try something new of course, but do discover what works for you. Practice makes perfect, don’t be hard on yourself if you aren’t an expert the first time you try something. I didn’t perfect my eyeshadow blending skills for at least two years (and it took me about 3 years to master winged eyeliner!). If you do struggle with eyeshadow application, I will tell you high quality brushes make ALL the difference in the world. I recommend ones like Sigma’s E25 or MAC’s 217 for blending; they are a game changer!

In honor of National Lash Day, she also gave us a good tip for applying falsies!

My best tip would be to hold them in a U shape while you’re waiting for the glue to get tacky before application. It helps to mold them to the natural curve of the eye and prevent lifting later on. 😉
You must follow her on Instagram @ZabrenaXO and if you haven’t caught this beauty on Youtube yet, you must subscribe now! Zabrena’s tutorials are simply amazing and easy to follow. Do you have any plans for the weekend, like a date, girls night out or even brunch? Her beauty hauls and hacks will have you wanting to try something new. And, if you do not don much makeup on, she’s got a look for that too. In her collaboration with Clinique, she shows us how to get the bare acoustic ‘no makeup’ look with ease. Though, it could be hard to stay away from our signature winged-liner look, this is something we’d love to try.  How about you?

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