Leveraging Social Media


Can’t stay way from social media? No worries, we can’t either! Social media can definitely have that effect! It can also have a positive affect on any company looking to expand areas such as growth, gain exposure or increase their customer/ employee engagement. These days, an entire brand can be built on a social media platform. According to Forbes, 78% of consumers claimed that posts made by companies purely on social media influenced their purchases. This being said, I’m sure you imagine what someone could have accomplished once they implemented a solid social media strategy.

Some may assume it’s as simple as signing up for Twitter and shamelessly tweeting their little hearts out (self-promoting), but it’s quite the opposite. Building relationships through social media is as artful and complex as it is face-to-face. Knowledge, patience, sincerity and measurement to ensure effectiveness are all key elements required in building and maintaining relationships on and off the web.

With all of this being said, each company requires a unique and tailoredapproach, and that’s where we come in. At LOOKLIVELUXE Group, we can help you customize your social media platform to meet your corporate goals and needs. Our team of experts will aid you in determining what tools to use, along with how and when to use them. We will assist you in using digital analytics to track user engagement, as well as test effectiveness using peripheral tools such as SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). This will ultimately tell us if the strategy put in place is best for you.

Social media can be tricky, but here at LOOKLIVELUXE, we hope to guide you through the process of building an effective social media platform that will be sure to create a luxe buzz!

Image via My Bubba and Me


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