LUXE Q&A With NewBeauty’s Senior Editor, Brittany Burhop

New Beauty Senior Editor, Brittany Burhop

Once again, we meet yet another beautiful soul at The Makeup Show Orlando that knows how to write about beauty in the most empowering way. Brittany Burhop is a senior editor at NewBeauty Magazine, a Sandow company based in Boca Raton, Florida. This magazine is constantly reviewing the most current beauty trends and testing the newest products first hand. NewBeauty makes sure to deliver accurate, expert information that will help educate you on everything beauty and health related. It’s ‘The Beauty Authority’ and a quarterly magazine that celebrated its 10 year anniversary last March. After a decade of success, we had the opportunity to ask Brittany some questions about the industry, how she got started, tips for bloggers, and how NewBeauty is the most reliable source for all your beauty and wellness needs.

As the most expensive beauty title on newsstands at $9.95, NewBeauty educates and empowers women in their beauty decisions by providing an in-depth look at the industry’s newest products, innovations and breakthrough technologies.

How would you describe NewBeauty and how did you become an editor there?

NewBeauty is a quarterly magazine that launched in 2005 and has continued to evolve over the past decade, experiencing exponential growth. As the most expensive beauty title on newsstands at $9.95, NewBeauty educates and empowers women in their beauty decisions by providing an in-depth look at the industry’s newest products, innovations and breakthrough technologies. Its comprehensive approach to editorial content—spanning beauty, cosmetic enhancement, wellness and fitness—solidifies its reputation as the industry’s leading scientifically accurate, expert-driven beauty resource.

After college I moved to New York City to pursue magazine editing, which began at a beauty trade publication called Cosmetic World. Starting on the trade side of the business gave me a sort of behind-the-scenes look at the industry and access to top executives, who I spoke to on a daily basis about the latest launches and news from their brands. A typical day started with interviewing some big celebrity about their latest makeup launch and then ended at another event, this time speaking with a group of French perfumers about their latest fragrance collaborations. Fast-forward a few years later: I decided to make the move to the consumer side of the industry, which would allow my work to be read by millions of women, versus just beauty professionals. This led me to NewBeauty, where I started as Special Projects Editor and then moved to Senior Editor, the position I currently hold. It’s fascinating to see the reach our magazine has. Women spend about 95 minutes reading each issue, which is a pretty exciting stat. The comments we get from readers telling us that we helped solved their most stubborn beauty problem or introduced them to their new favorite product make me feel good. I know I’m not saving lives or anything, but if I can indirectly make even one person feel better about themselves, it’s a good day’s work.

As an editor, what is your day at the office like?

Busy! And never boring, that’s for sure. Between the daily meetings and email follow-ups, I spend time interviewing experts and doing research on the latest beauty trends and products, as well as in-office aesthetic treatments, for the stories I’ve been assigned. All additional time is spent writing and editing for both the magazine and our website,

I think it’s safe to say that many people assume beauty editors sit around and play with makeup all day, but that’s far from reality. It is true that we test hundreds of products, but there is a lot more that goes into it. We’re researching the formulas, comparing the textures, talking to the R&D teams from the brands to learn about the science behind different technologies, etc. We want to make sure that what we print in the magazine is the best of the best and really works.

How does NewBeauty’s brand or culture inspire you?

NewBeauty’s parent company, SANDOW, is a creative machine. It adopts many of its workplace principles from some of the most successful companies like Apple and Google, to make sure its people are continuously cranking out innovative ideas. Because of this, I am constantly surrounded by fast-paced, like-minded individuals who push me to be better at my job.

Nowadays, companies are looking to invest in employees who will juggle more and stay late to get the job done. The standard 9–5 day doesn’t exist when you work in a deadline-driven environment like this, but you know that when you sign up for it. As a result, I often feel inspired to take on more than I think is possible to achieve, which leaves me feeling satisfied when I get home (even if it is later than all my friends!). And if I have that new shade of lipstick in tow, it makes it even better!

Do you have any writing tips you’d like to share for bloggers, editors or copywriters?

My main point would be never to turn in something incomplete. If you are rushing to meet a deadline and you decide to skip the spell check in order to get it turned in on time, it will only come back to bite you. Take the extra few minutes to double-check your work as best you can. Sometimes, I’ll even have a family member or close friend give my stories a second eye if I’ve read it too many times. You’d be surprised what someone with absolutely zero writing experience will point out as a mistake! My only other tidbit to share: If you see a problem with something, don’t point it out to your boss without a solution. For example, if you’re editing something that your team member wrote and it doesn’t sound right, don’t just comment that it’s wrong. Present an idea for how to change it or make it better and nine times out of 10 they’ll probably run with it.

Like Brittany said,

“…if I can indirectly make even one person feel better about themselves, it’s a good day’s work.”

Beauty is something that is constantly changing, constantly evolving—and with new products hitting the market almost every day; it can be hard to keep up. Not only that, how are you supposed to know which products are worth it and which are not? Enter NewBeauty: a space that provides guidance for every beauty enthusiast ranging from beauty and cosmetics, to fitness and wellness. Because beauty is so much more than how you look on the outside. It’s about embracing who you are as a woman, enhancing your natural and already beautiful features, as well as living your happiest, healthiest life. NewBeauty provides you with all the information to live your best life and put the best, most beautiful LUXE version of yourself out there. So, head on over to NewBeauty right now to get all of the brilliant tips and insider secrets on the latest trends and products out today! P.S. their new issue hits newsstands next week and we wonder who will grace the cover for the next three months! 


Images via NewBeauty


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