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How To Market Your New Beauty Product

beauty marketing

Beauty Marketing, Beauty product launch

Introducing a new, luxe product to the world is a tricky endeavor. Especially in the world of beauty, where there are new products constantly flooding into department stores carrying the latest in skincare and cosmetics. One thing most of the more popular brands have in common? Great marketing—something we’re all capable of providing with the right amount of skills and guidance. We’ve done our research and with the following tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to navigate the beginning stages of getting your new product seen and well received without a hitch.

Define your market. The most crucial part of any marketing plan for new products is defining your market. And be specific. Make sure you have a clear and concise idea of whom you want to sell your product to. The more specific your group, the easier it will be to devise a marketing strategy that will reach your target group, and the more likely those you are reaching out to will be willing to buy your product. For example, have a new lipstick that provides long-lasting, vivid color? You’ll most likely want to engage with a younger audience from late teens to mid-30’s. There aren’t many women out there who are older and still willing to flaunt a bright, bold lip color that will last them all night…are there?

Get out there. Once you’ve decided on whom specifically your product is going to be geared to,get out there and get it seen. Grab plenty of samples and head to a few local festivals, trunk shows, and beauty expos to sell your product. No one knows your product better than you do, so heading to an event where you can reach your target group personally makes all the difference. People with any questions and concerns will be able to speak with you directly and try the product themselves, without any strings attached. With that being said, be prepared. If you’re not confident while presenting your product, it’ll become more difficult to sell. Prep beforehand with some friends or family so you can get out there and sell, sell,sell!

Build your market. Although exposing your product to the market personally is a great way to have it seen, don’t forget—it’s 2016. There are so many platforms available that can reach consumers on a global scale. Just by creating a profile on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, you have the potential to reach an exponentially larger amount of people to sell your product to. Taking advantage of these sites and combining them with the network you’ve already created will ensure you get the most outreach for your product and get people talking.

Listen to feedback. This is probably one of the most tried and true ways producers have come back with better and better versions of their products every time. They listen. No product is ever truly perfect; there’s always room for improvement and who better to provide constructive criticism and suggestions than those purchasing it. When consumers see that they are being listened to, there is a very big chance that they are going to repurchase a product and try it out again.Everyone likes to be heard, and everyone likes to know that they’re voice matters. So when someone shows they care about their consumers, they are going to remain loyal customers.

Patience. Like it’s been said many times before, success doesn’t happen over night. It takes a a good amount of hard work and dedication to fulfill your dreams, and although it may seem difficult at times, it’s not impossible. Building anything takes time,and as frustrating as some days may get, without patience you won’t be able to witness the small idea or product you began with, flourish into something great.

Always begin with a solid foundation. Once that’s built and you incorporate some of our tips, marketing your new beauty product will be a breeze. Trust in your product, trust in yourself, trust in your marketing plan, and watch your luxe product take off! Need help? Contact us today!


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