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Creating Your Visual Story

visual storytelling
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We’ve always lived in a visual world—but with the introduction of social media, that world has become even bigger and companies now depend on the success of their visual content to reach and appeal to the masses. It is important to know how to effectively utilize visual content, like images via Instagram or videos via YouTube in your marketing campaigns to ensure they resonate well with customers and prospective clients. Here at LOOKLIVELUXE, we’re more than happy to share a few tips on how to take advantage of these social platforms and create visual content that excels with your target audience.

Start small.

You don’t need professional photographers, designers, or videographers to create unique and engaging visual content. There are plenty of apps that are available (free as well) that can be used to transform basic images and make them your own. Play around with shapes, texts, colors and filters until you find and develop a theme that embodies the essence of your product or agency and stick with it. For videos, try adding music or cool effects to make them more unique and entertaining. Also, play around with flat lays (we will talk more about this in our next post…stay tuned).

Make it personal.

Get to know your audience. Pay attention to any feedback they provide, or how they engage on your pages and tailor visual content specifically to them. For example, if on your Instagram there’s a specific photo or video that got an impressive amount of likes, try to find out what exactly stood out to your audience in the comments or reach out to them personally and ask!

Mix it up.

When something begins to come off as repetitive, usually people don’t respond as well, due to the lack of impact. So, try to keep your audience engaged and surprised. If a pattern in the photos you post has developed, incorporate a few videos here and there with a link provided that leads to your YouTube page or other social media platforms. Short video segments will allow you to engage with your audience and the opportunity to provide new, relevant information while making your product more personable and relatable.

If it’s true what they say, visual marketing is the future and it will only continue to expand. Providing unique and powerful visual content that resonates with an audience is critical and what better time to start learning than the present!?

Featured image via Lion In The Wild


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