Building Your Fashion Brand on Social Media

It’s 2016, and I’m sure by now everyone knows how much of an impact social media has had on consumerism—especially when it comes to fashion and top brands like Victoria’s Secret, H&M, and Chanel on Instagram that together, amass to over 60 million followers according to Iconosquare. Through carefully hired, savvy and seasoned marketing and public relations professionals, these brands have developed an understanding to how customers are influenced through social media and have mastered the effects of appealing yet relatable aesthetics, popular endorsers, and the power of a smart or trending #hashtag. When it comes to your own brand in fashion, it may take some time and a bit of luck to catch up to the massive followings, but it’s not impossible to build a strong brand through social media. In fact, nowadays, it might be the best way.

The great thing about a platform like Instagram is that is has a huge outreach. You can find every kind of target group out there to aim your brand towards. Tailor your page to present an image that best reflects your brand and speaks to your customers. One way to create this is by producing flatlays—which we shared a post about two weeks ago that you can check out here! This will aid in creating an environment that showcases your brand in a more relatable/everyday way that appeals to your demographic.

Along with presentation, considering Instagram gives you the ability to reach people from almost anywhere, means that you’ll be able to find users with a large following that you think embody the personality of your brand to endorse your products. Popular fashion brands are always looking for “models of the moment” with incredibly large followings to promote their products, assuming their fans or followers will follow suit. Seeing someone people admire, when it comes to style or personality, incorporate a certain brand into their wardrobe gives followers a picture of the product in action, bringing it to life. This will greatly affect the influence your brand will have on others.

With that being said, there’s only one other thing that proves vital when building anything on Instagram—hashtags. Since the beginning of Instagram, hashtagging has been the best way to build a following and getting people to see your page. When it comes to brands, usually they’ll create their own hashtag that is tailored to the product they wish to promote, having anyone sharing their product use it as well. For example, when Kate Spade offers an inside-look on her brand through Instagram and Twitter that showcase exclusives, they use a special hashtag, #ohnewyork to create their own space in the Insta and Twitter-verse. Creative and clever hashtags will help in getting your brand seen and shared but the right people, so your brand will continue to grow and gain popularity.

Keep in mind, many of the thousands and millions of followers for certain brands didn’t happen overnight. It definitely takes time and a lot of nitpicking to capture the perfect audience, but eventually you’ll discover what works best for you and your luxe brand! In the mean time, visit our Instagram feed @LOOKLIVELUXE to see who or what inspires us!


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