Tips For a Successful Store Opening or Launch Party


Gray Malin Celebrates New Book “Beaches” Launch via Zimbio

When having attended fun and exciting events, it’s not often that the work it took to get everyone there comes to mind—until you have to plan one of your own. Planning an event can be a pretty tricky task, getting people to come is another; and what’s most important is the people who attend. If you’re looking to host an event for a store opening or specific product launch, keep in mind that the type of attendees you have at your event says just as much about what you’re promoting as what your store or product says about you. For example, a few days ago Gray Malin, a fine art photographer, just celebrated the launch of his book, ‘Beaches’ in Los Angeles. In attendance: actor Shawn Ashmore, Jessica Radloff of Glamour magazine, and Hommemaker founder Orlando Soria. All people who will positively promote and support his new book, while bringing it to the attention of a wider audience as well. The event was held at the stunning Eric Buterbaugh Florals boutique, home of the famed florist to stars like Demi Moore, Maria Shriver, and Gwen Stefani, who also held a star-studded opening and launch party at the same location to celebrate his new fragrance line last year.

When getting people to come to your event keep these few tips in mind to make sure you not only get a great audience, but one that can help you in return!

  • Be picky with your audience—you don’t want your crowd to be filled with people who are only looking for freebies and hors d’oeuvres. You want your crowd to be filled with people who share similar interests and can potentially become advocates for your brand or product. Find people who get excited over the same things you do, this will help foster deeper engagements and a more influential event.
  • Team up—consider inviting people who can offer solid advice or enlist the help of those already in your networking group. Anyone with engaging partnerships is a go because the more people you have associated with your event, the more loyal customers are attracted and the more legitimate everything seems.
  • Think big—when creating your guest list, depending on the event, aim to invite more people than you expect. People are quite fickle these days so it’s safe to assume not everyone you invite will show. With that being said, identify whom you would consider VIP and grant them a plus one. People enjoy going to events when they are most likely to know someone, so this will make your attendees more comfortable and help spread the word on your part.
  • Promote—we all know that these days, the go-to way of promotion is through social media. So post, hashtag, tweet, and re-tweet away. As mentioned before, if you have any partners or good friends in the industry, have them share your event with their audiences as well. The more outreach you have, the greater chance your event will have a wonderful turnout.

As they say, “it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you,” and the more people you can get to spread the word about you, the greater the possibility of hitting your store opening or launch party out of the park. Always remember to network and have a strong sense of the type of audience you’re looking to attract. Like here, at LOOKLIVELUXE, we offer our services for what we know best: beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. So, contact us for help!

Featured Image via Sydne Style


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