Why Videos Capture More Engagement Than Photos


Vine: where it all began. One of the first social media platforms to embrace the power of a short, yet clever, and engaging video. Yes, we’ve always had YouTube, but YouTube had never forced anyone to get creative by requiring videos to be kept under a certain time frame. That limit is what developed the platform for other popular media sites to adopt their ways. Born is the Snapchat, and later Instagram universe—one that allows people to share a glimpse of their daily lives to anyone who may be interested. Something that has been embraced by bloggers (hence vloggers), media stars, and companies that, according to statistics, generates more engagement and retention than a normal photo or video. So, let’s explore the question that is, “why?”

Fun fact: according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average attention span in 2015 was 8.25 seconds. Almost an entire second less than that of the notorious goldfish—check out TIME magazine if you can’t believe it. Many argue the millennial/digital revolution is to blame, but what else are we to do? We’re living in a technologically savvy era and we aren’t turning back any time soon so might as well embrace it, right?

Don’t’ worry, humans are still smarter than goldfish, but whether you’d like to admit it or not, our shorter attention spans are most likely correlated with the success videos have had on social media. Especially since no one wants to sit around and watch a 10-minute long video anymore—nobody’s got time for that. Despite the shorter time frames, you also have to realize that these short videos tell a story; and who doesn’t love beautiful storytelling. The combination of imagery, music, animations, all play a powerful part in delivering something that speaks in multitudes to an audience. Much more than words ever could.

With videos, you have the opportunity to share a glimpse into the creative world you live in and still leave them wanting more. Viewers also tend to remember videos much better than script and can recall a video ad they’ve seen up to the past 30 days. It’s no wonder brands like VOGUE, Dior, and BMW USA have incorporated this form of advertisement and have remained consistent with the amount of videos they share on their feeds.

Click the links to see how they’ve embraced the popular form of digital marketing and check us out @LOOKLIVELUXE to get a glimpse of what inspires us!


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