Chic Takeaways for Your Events

Chic takeaways also known as a swag bag: a bag containing free gifts, typically given away to people attending an event, frequently for promotional purposes.

Not to be confused with ‘goody-bags’— this term has become synonymous over the years with elaborate Hollywood parties hosting celebrities, entertainers, and socialites alike. These swag bags have gained so much popularity as the primary gesture of appreciation for attending an event that they have become notorious for the increasing overall value they continue to develop over the years. Prime example: the annual “Oscar swag bag” provided for nominees at the 88th Academy Awards earlier this year was reportedly valued at $232,000—each.

Yes, that sounds a bit extreme (because it is) but it’s not like the Academy itself pays for every product and service provided in the bags. These products are donated, if you will, by the companies for one main reason: free celebrity endorsement. It’s their way of subtly advertising their product and services in hopes that celebrities will come back for more and ultimately increase the brand’s outreach.

If you don’t have a budget as extravagant as the Academy Awards, don’t fret. There are many cost effective items that would be ideal for your swag bag. Always think practical and chic. You want your items to be used and remembered, not trashed and forgotten. Branded wine openers, yummy-smelling hand sanitizers, posh compact mirrors, or sightly USB key-chains, are always a good idea.

Now, if you plan on hosting an event anytime soon, a swag bag may be a great idea for a lot of different reasons.

  • First and foremost, who doesn’t love free stuff? Attendees of your event will appreciate the fact that you put in extra effort to show you value them as customers and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of.
  • Second, it’s a great way to initiate collaborations. Depending on the scale and focus of the event, scope out businesses that would be looking for a bit of extra promotion and invite them to provide some of their products or services at your event. If it’s an event that focuses on fashion or beauty, look into small or up-and-coming businesses, salons, restaurants, spas and propose an offer or agreement that benefits them as much as it does you.
  • Lastly, don’t forget this is a great opportunity to network and sell your brand or product as well. Through reaching out and offering a means of free advertising, you can generate the potential for partnerships in the future. If those you worked with enjoyed working with you, they’ll most likely be willing to return the favor.

While on the subject, we absolutely loved our branded STK candles and matches we received at the STK Orlando grand opening event last Tuesday in Disney Springs. STK Orlando (which is part of The ONE Group) is the newest fine-dining addition to Disney Springs where you are promised a modern, chic steakhouse with a trendy and stylish atmosphere coupled with excellent service and incredible food. After attending their fabulous opening event, we have a good feeling that STK keeps their promises.




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