From Into The Gloss Beauty Blog to Glossier Beauty Brand


There’s a growing trend of beauty bloggers launching their own product lines, and beauty blog “Into The Gloss” now turned beauty brand Glossier is showing you how it’s done.

Beauty bloggers venturing off and creating their own beauty brands makes perfect sense. Emily Weiss, beauty editor and founder of “Into the Gloss” spent years cultivating an environment of in-depth analysis of tried and true beauty products, all while listening to the needs and wants of her loyal audience. So upon launching Glossier she already had an army rooting for her. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s actually genius.Weiss started “Into the Gloss” during her last year at Vogue as an assistant to style director Elissa Santisi. This job is what ignited the flame for her to start her blog. She thought, if she wanted an inside look into the bathroom cabinets of these chic and glamorous women, that others must want the same. After tons of following, and lots of “I wish you would post more” requests by commentators, “Into the Gloss” was in full swing and it wasn’t long before Glossier was born.

Glossier is solely focused on providing the basics, the must-haves of beauty that are simple and easy-to-use. Their products are perfect for developing a foundation to build a daily makeup routine that’s unique and efficient. Since the beginning, “Into The Gloss” has made it their mission to provide guidance for everyday girls by providing tips, answering questions, and sharing some of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets so girls no longer had to blindly navigate through the millions of beauty products on the market. With such a large following, it’s no surprise that when the blog decided to introduce it’s own line of products, Glossier, the brand would be a huge hit. Embracing the underrated simplicity to natural beauty proved successful, as it is a nice contrast to many of the elaborate, expensive beauty products out there.

Glossier’s products appeals to all women, but especially those that don’t have the time to masterfully contour, highlight, shade, and line their lips and faces in the morning—which, let’s be honest, is most of us. Glossier knew what their followers wanted, and made it their mission to give it to them. The Glossier Instagram page, which features gorgeous photos and occasional flatlays of what they call “beauty products for real life” boasts 213K followers and a motto of “skin first, makeup second, smile always”. In an interview, Weiss mentioned that Glossier is a brand you want to be friends with. We couldn’t agree more!



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