Lattes & Laptops: A New Community For Bloggers, Creatives & Tech Enabled Businesses

Lattes • and • Laptops

/‘lata(s) and lap, tap/

collective noun 

A community for bloggers, creatives and tech enabled businesses who want to connect and inspire one another through meaningful conversations… and of course, over virtual lattes!

This past Wednesday, Lattes and Laptops celebrated its pre-launch event at La Madeleine Country French Cafe located in Orlando, FL. The event boasted members of the community that ranged from bloggers, stylists, digital entrepreneurs, etc., and of course delicious french pastries and hand crafted lattes – it was only right.

The atmosphere was cute and quaint. Perfect for the exchange of organic ideas, feedback, and input amongst like-minded individuals. We cant wait to implement some of the ideas shared!

Lattes and Laptops is all about community over competition. A mutual benefit between members of Lattes and Laptops is the main goal. On the Laptop and Lattes main hub on Facebook, where you won’t find “sideshow Bob” trying to sell his pyramid scheme type products. No shade, but that’s not what we are here for. Lattes and Laptops is meant to be a safe haven where inspiration and support runs rampant.

Lattes and Laptops group members will have access to relevant resources coupled with posts that spark inspiration. We all know that after long work days is when the magic happens – sometimes on the job when things are slow – but that’s neither here nor there. Hustle never sleeps, and Lattes and Laptops will be there offering you a virtual latte just when you want to close that laptop and call it quits. After all, caffeine makes everything better.

Be on the lookout for the official launch of Lattes and Laptops coming soon, and monthly meet ups. We hope to see you there! If you want to join our tribe go to our group on Facebook!



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