5 Holiday Marketing Tips For Your Brand

Kate Spade Holiday Promo Box with a CTA or Call-to-Action!

Holidays open up a large window of opportunity for small businesses to increase their sales, profits, and most of all…visibility. It’s like music to business owners’ ears. We all know that major holidays are a win win in the eCommerce world, but what great brands like Kate Spade know is that the minor, less celebrated ones can work in their favor just as much. For instance, your business’s Fourth of July sale or promotion should have been LIT (yes, pun intended).

Now…if people weren’t melting like a popsicle on the 4th of July for your flash sales, you may need to properly plan out your promotions well in advance. And if you didn’t think it was that important to market your brand – think again, because in fact, it was!  However, the most important thing here is to get people to swoon over your holiday offers. We’ve all been lost at one time or another when it comes to promoting for the holidays. It happens and to make sure it never happens again, we’ve compiled 5 savvy tips and pointers to make sure you maximize your efforts.

  1. Create coupon codes tailored for a specific holiday. Valentine’s day falls on the 14th. Why not offer 14% off on that day, with a cute little call to action.
  2. Give your brand a festive face lift. Adding something bright for the summer holidays and merry for winter holidays lets your audience know that you’re relevant and hip, which draws their attention to your logo or website.
  3. Try cross-selling products. Promote them by posting timely photos of the seasons must-haves and your personal favorites.
  4. Hold a fun and interactive themed contest. This is key to ultimate engagement from your fans.
  5. Turn your products or services into an easy gift with purchase. Sell wine glasses? Pair it with a festive wine bag, sparkler, and a flag as a package deal for holidays such as the 4th of July

These are just some of the ways to better promote your brand through online and social media platforms for the holidays. Now that we’ve shared them, start planning out your promotions for the upcoming holidays, especially, Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas! Have any more tips and ideas? Join in on the conversation and let us know! Think you may need help with call-to-actions or CTAs feel free to contact us! 


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